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Wyeast Belgian Strong Ale Liquid Yeast is the preferred yeast for brewing golden strong ales. This is an alcohol tolerant strain. It produces a complex ester profile balanced nicely with subtle phenolics, which contribute to the color and mouthfeel of the wine. Malt flavors and aromas will remain even with a well attenuated dry, tart finish. It may continue to produce CO2 for an extended period after packaging or collection. This yeast is a great choice for Belgian Blond Ale, Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Belgian Specialty Ale, Belgian Tripel, Bi�re de Garde, and Christmas Specialty Spiced Beer.


Flocculation: Low
Attenuation: 74-78%
Temperature Range: 64-80 F (18-27C)
Alcohol Tolerance: Approximately 12-13% ABV

For best results we always recommend ordering an ice pack with your liquid yeast.

Please Note: When choosing an ice pack option beware that the liquid yeast will not arrive cold even when shipped together. Ice packs and insulated mailing options are designed to keep the yeast colder for longer during shipment, but they will not ensure that your yeast arrives cold. We will not replace liquid yeast that arrives warm. During warmer months we strongly recommend you choose dry yeast.


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