XpressFill Volume Filler (Adj Shelf) - 4 Spout


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Help eliminate oxidation in your bottling process by using XpressFill volume-based filling system. Gravity-based systems usually involve wine being transferred to a holding tank, and unless the your bottles and holding tank are pre-flushed with inert gas, some degree of oxidation is inevitable. Xpresfill bottling systems have a closed pathway with a self-priming pump. They also have as an optional built-in sparging (pre-flushing) system that uses Nitrogen or Argon to pre-flush your bottles.

To use, place four bottles under the filling spouts, push the gas button (optional at additional cost) to flush the bottles with inert gas. Then hit the Fill button which pulls the wine from your barrel or stainless storage tank, distributes 750ml of wine to each bottle, and shuts off automatically when done. It is truly that simple. Each fill cycle lasts 20 seconds. Realistically with bottle movement (and talking and drinking!) expect to fill about 200 bottles per hour with the 2 spout and 400 bottles per hour with the 4 spout.

There is also a manual mode allowing you to top up bottles or fill odd size bottles (connect tubing and fill magnums for example.) You my have seen this system for sale before as the Vigneron. Xpressfill purchased Vigneron and redesigned the unit to be driven by a digital controller. The result is a unit that works much better. MoreWine! has tested the unit and we are happy with the performance.

The XpressFill is a volume based system that fills each bottle with a set volume of wine (usually 750ml per bottle.) The fill is accurate to within +/- 1.5ml. However, bottles themselves can vary in volume by a couple percent and when you are filling by volume this can result in different fill heights, especially if you fill into the bottle neck, where differences are exaggerated by the small diameter of the neck. Fill heights will therefore vary from bottle to bottle but differences are usually 1/2" or less.

Further protect your wine from oxidation when using an XpressFill by adding the Gas Flush option to your filler. Push the gas flush button for as long as you like prior to each fill cycle. Inert gas will be forced into the bottle displacing most air, greatly reducing oxidation during the bottling process. You will need to supply an Argon or Nitrogen tank, regulator, and section of 1/4 " tubing to connect an inert gas source to the machine.


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