XpressFill Level Filler (4 Spout)


Item #: 11455
Weight: 37LBS

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If you're looking for a fast, gentle, reliable, professional quality fill for your wine, then this is the filler for you. Hand-made to order by XpressFill in southern California, these fillers represent the very best available to winemakers.

This filler features a built-in self priming diaphragm pump to draw your wine from your tanks or barrels up to the filler. The action of the diaphragm pump is non-aerative and gentle, and it has the capability of pulling your wine from quite a distance away.

The nozzles on XpressFill's Level Filler are independently actuated by microswitches when a bottle is put in place for filling. Flow stops automatically at the preset fill level. This makes it easy to put half the bottles on for filling and take the other half off for corking without having down time in between. The bottle shelf is adjustable in height to accommodate a wide range of bottles.

Fills approximately 400 bottles/hr.

Add the optional Gas Flush System and the filler will automatically gas-purge your bottles prior to filling. There is no additional button to push or lever to flip, the filler handles it all!

•    Made To Order In USA
•    Built-in self priming diaphragm pump
•    Diaphragm pump is non-aerating & gentle on your wine
•    Nozzles are independently actuated by micro-switches
•    Flow stops automatically at the preset fill level
•    Bottle shelf is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of bottles
•    Optional Gas Flush System & Filler to automatically gas-purge bottles prior to filling
•    4 Spout fills approximately 400 bottles per hour


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