Xoakers - American Oak, Medium Plus

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Xoakers are 1" Solid Oak spheres made from American Oak and seasoned for a minimum of 36 months.  They will contribute a complex oak character while softening and rounding the wine as well.  What sets these apart though, are their shape and ease of use.  The uniform size allows for precise dosing, and easy removal once complete.  Whether you are using carboys or neutral barrels, additions are as simple as counting out however many Xoakers you need, and tossing them in.  Every vessel will be oaked to the same extent when using these, and no need to weigh them out!

Removing them is as simple as turning over your carboy or barrel, and watching them roll out!  These can be used in both red and white wines, and are perfect for carboys, barrels, small tanks, and kegs.  Ideal oak for the home winemaker!  These Convection Toasted Medium Plus American Oak Xoakers are packed in Mylar bags, and will contribute various flavors depending on the wine.

The 8 pack will treat 4-8 gallons & 1 lb will treat 30-60 gallons.

  • Dosage: 1-2 Xoakers / Gallon (3.78 L) wine (depends on desired Oak Impact)
  • Contact Time: 4 Month Minimum Recommended
  • Useful Life in Wine: 12 Months
  • Size: 1" Diameter Spheres, 60 American Oak Xoakers / lb
  • Liquid Displacement: .09 gal (.35 L)
  • Toast Level: Med +




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