X-Dry Series Chugger Pump (Center Inlet) - Stainless Steel 1/2 in threads


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The X-Dry Series Chugger Pumps offer the same quality and value, but now with "Run Dry Protection" to help avoid damage caused by cavitation.

The Chugger lineup of pumps represents a great value for an even better price. These pumps are workhorses in the brewery. Featuring a robust flow rate of 7 gpm, and a magnetic drive designed to handle back-pressure, these pumps are a great addition to any brewing setup! The Stainless Steel Chugger showcases their molded Stainless Steel Pump Head. This stainless pump is a steal for the price, and we've been more than happy with the quality! Use this to ease transfers between kettles, cool wort via a counterflow chiller, or recirculate icewater for quicker chilling!

The Chugger pump has 3/4" MPT inlet and 1/2" MPT outlet, allowing easy configuration for any application! We recommend setting these pumps up with a Ball valve on the outflow side, this way you can throttle down the outgoing flow rate, allowing for more efficient sparges or cooling! The pump head can also be rotated 360° (in 90° intervals) allowing for even more customization!


  • Run Dry Carbon Bearing
  • Stainless Steel Center Inlet Pump Head
  • Food Grade up to 250° F
  • 3/4" MPT inlet and 1/2" MPT outlet
  • High Flow rate of 7 gpm
  • Max Head 18.6 ft
  • 115v 55" cord and plug attached
  • 50/60 Hz, 1.4 amp
  • 1/20 HP, 3500 RPM
  • No more issues with crossthreading plastic heads or snapping off fittings

Note: When using silicone tubing, we recommend using a slighlty larger barb than the I.D. of the tubing. This is because silicone tubing tends to have greater pliability than most tubing. For example, when using 1/2" silicone tubing, we recommend our 5/8" barb (H620), to help ensure a better seal!

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