CM Becker Faucet | X2 | Short Nozzle | NSF Rated | with Creamer | Black


Item #: 60402
Weight: 0.51LBS

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This faucet is made in Germany and assembled in the United States. It is a very durable faucet made of the same food grade plastics as the CMB Disconnects. It features a stainless steel lever that will hold up to commercial handles. The creamer faucet lets you top a glass of beer with a perfect head for a great-looking presentation. Simply pull the lever forward to pour; then push it back to finish with a creamy head.

  • Black plastic body features a durable stainless steel lever
  • Plastic spring-loaded shaft and chrome-plated brass bonnet and collar
  • Standard threading is compatible with most branded tap handles
  • Features a "Creamer" action when handled is pushed back. Emulates the fine foam of a stout faucet.
  • Easy to clean design. Disassembles in seconds. Features food grade plastics for sanitary use with all beverages.
  • Spout is removable and can be replaced with longer spout for wine.
  • This faucet can be used interchangeably for beer or wine.
  • Used in commercial applications, bars and restaurants all over the world!


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