Wort Chiller Recirculation Package - 5 Gallon


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Many home brewing aficionados prefer to cool their wort using a Wort Chiller 5 Gallon Recirculation Package, and we couldn’t agree more. A long time customer and friend, Jamil Zainasheff, invented this innovative system in order to create a fast heat exchange that uses far less water than a traditional wort chiller. The wort travels from the kettle to a pump and back into the kettle through a short, copper arm that disperses the hot wort into a wall of cooling coils, cooling the wort effectively and efficiently.
Because this cooling system recirculates the wort in the same vessel, you can continue to chill it until it reaches the proper temperature before transferring it into the fermenter. Simply add a thermometer to the boil kettle and you’ll be sure to get consistent results every time you use this recirculation arm.
Also available in a 10 gallon size.
A chiller will need to be purchased separately. This option works on our WC20, WC20A WC23, and WC23A, only.
1/2"OD, 3/8"ID
23.5" Double Bent 1/2" Copper Piece For Recirculation Chilling Bent Perpendicular 90 Degrees at 5" and 5"

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