Wort Chiller - Counterflow Chiller (With 1/2" FPT Fittings)


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Weight: 14LBS
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California Recipients: See Proposition 65 Information


We offer our Chillus Convolutus Wort Chiller with threaded 1/2" fittings on the in and the out. This make connecting with pipe fittings, qd's or tri-clamp possible. We consider it a must have upgrade on our brewing systems and most customers agree.

The inner tube is made from 12' of 5/8" convoluted (twisted) copper which continually turbulates the wort as it flows through. The outer tube is made from 7/8" copper. The Convolutus counterflow chiller allows you to pump wort through without having to restrict your pump to slow down flow. Use 1/2" line to connect to wort in and out feeds. The water connections are male and female 3/4" hose connections.

10 1/4" height by 11" overall diameter (coils themselves are about 6" in diameter)

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