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  • Italian Nebbiolo is sure to grab any drinker's attention; assertively flavored with strong tannins
  • Ideally enjoyed with fatty foods, butter, or olive oil that will stand up to Nebbiolo's firm tannins
  • Flavors of ripe cherry, leather, anise, and high acidity
  • Full-bodied and dry, 14% ABV
  • Whip up a batch in 30 mins or less! Yields 6 gallons (2 cases) of finished wine in 6-8 weeks
  • Premium kit includes grape skins for an authentic wine making experience
  • Bottle labels included for a professional finish

The pride of Piedmont, Nebbiolo enjoys the same exalted status in Italy as cabernet sauvignon commands in France. Massively structured and fiercely tannic, a well-made Nebbiolo will display a combination of complexity and power that is unmatched by other varietals. Most successfully grown in the Piedmont province of northwestern Italy, this grape is notorious for being difficult to cultivate in other parts of the world, with Mexico’s Guadalupe Valley being one of the rare exceptions. Unique flavors and aromas of tar, cherry, and violets come through in this red wine, along with a pronounced bitterness from the grape’s assertive tannins. Until recently, 10 years of ageing was considered the minimum, but modern winemaking techniques have allowed Nebbiolo to be enjoyed while it’s still young.

Our Italian Nebbiolo features intense aromas of ripe cherry, hints of leather and anise, with strong tannins and a high acidity. Full bodied and dry, this red wine has a generous oak character and just as generous alcohol level at 14% by volume.

The Signature Series™ Nebbiolo is one of the most satisfying kits to make thanks to the inclusion of grape skins. You’ll mirror the professional vintner process of “punching the cap”, which makes your winemaking adventure even more hands on. VineCo’s jammy skin packs are much more expressive than dried grape skins, imparting more character from the grapes and boosting tannin structure in the finished wine.

High quality oak cubes are used in the final aging process of the Nebbiolo kit. One of the reasons oak has always been used to age wine is the slow release of delicious, complex compounds that complement the wines flavor. Oak cubes have more depth of flavor than chips or powder and slowly release compounds like furfural (sweet, caramel like), lignins (vanillin, spice, smoke), and lactones (classic oak flavor). The Nebbiolo is a big wine, with big mouthfeel, and features more oak than any other kit.

The VineCo Signature Nebbiolo may be disarmingly light and fruity on the nose, but don’t let that fool you. One sip and this assertive wine will cling to your palate with little intention of letting go. Best enjoyed with fatty meats or foods with a healthy portion of butter or olive oil. These pairings will help neutralize Nebbiolo's intense, assertive tannins.

Nebbiolo, Italy

  • Ripe cherry, leather and anise, high acidity, strong tannins
  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Oak: Heavy
  • Body: Full
  • ABV: 14%
  • Kit Volume: 14 L
  • Approximate Yield: 23 L
  • Ready to bottle in 6-8 weeks
  • Grape skins included
  • Bottle labels included



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