EnoItalia Wine Bottle Filler | 6 Spout | Stainless Trolley Cart | Level Gauge | 980L/h Fill Rate

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The Enoitalia bottle filler is a complete, portable, gravity style bottle filler perfect for a small winery or avid home winemaker. Features six filling heads and stainless steel construction. Included 4" casters make this unit very easy to move around.

Fill up to 100 cases of 750ml bottles per hour.  If you do not have the human power to keep up you can use 4 heads at a time so there is no disadvantage to getting a 6 head filler versus a 4 head filler. We only offer the 6 head filler in this model because the price is very similar between 4 and 6.

Compared to units from other Italian manufacturers, this unit has removable filling heads for easy cleaning. The air removal tubes are also larger, which speeds filling. The fill head is also easier to adjust for for bottle fill heights.


  • Adjustable heads are easily removed for cleaning
  • All parts in contact with the wine are made from 304 type stainless steel
  • Level gauge located at the front of the reservoir
  • Included 4" casters with brake
  • 15mm diameter filling head
  • Fill height is easily adjustable
  • Larger inner diameter fill head for faster air/gas removal from the bottle for a faster fill rate
  • 980L per hour fill rate
  • 55L reservoir
  • Can fill bottles up to 22" tall
  • 180 pounds
  • 71" H x 34" W x 26" D

NOTE: This unit does not come ready for use with olive oil. A special filling head (WE661–coming soon) is required to handle the higher viscosity of olive oil.

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