Farro Glass | 1.3 Gallon Glass Carboy | Wide Mouth | Airlock Lid | Carrying Harness


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  • Wide mouth carboys are the easiest glass fermenter to clean with plenty of room to get your arm inside to scrub
  • Add bagged flavoring additions and remove them freely when finished—this can be nearly impossible with traditional narrow neck glass carboys
  • Watch fermentation activity as it's happening! The ultimate advantage of translucent glass or plastic fermenters
  • Airlock is built into the lid so you're ready to ferment right out of the box
  • Carrying harness included for easier handling

Glass carboys have been a staple of the brewing and winemaking world for generations, but traditional tight neck carboys aren't without their limitations. Standard glass carboys can be difficult to clean after fermentation. The wide mouth carboy is extremely easy to clean—simply removing the lid allows you to get your hand or arm all the way inside to scrub away stubborn sediment. 

Each carboy comes with a carrying harness and airlock lid.

Airlock Lid Setup:

  • Twist off the small red cap
  • Twist on the small white cap
  • Pour water or sanitzer around the small white cap until it covers the blow-off vents


  • 1.3 Gallon / 5 Liter capacity
  • Gasketed lid for tight seal
  • Airlock lid
  • Included carrying harness

Please note: The carrying harness should not be used to move the vessel when full. The airlock lid is primarily recommended for short fermentations. For long term storage or aging, we recommend using a #5 stopper and standard airlock.

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