Vantage Synergy Biomass Remover - 32 oz


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Biomass Remover offers all the power of caustic without the associated danger. This revolutionary non-caustic beverage system cleaner replaces traditional hazardous alkaline products such as Penetrate. Safety matters, and Vantage Synergy Biomass Remover provides all the results of traditional, hazardous, alkaline caustic without any of the danger. Triple zero rated for health and safety. No DOT hazardous shipping warnings. Features industry standard tracer dye.

Use as a standalone option or as part of the Synergy Power User Formula: Combine with Vantage Synergy Demineralizer and Vantage Synergy Accelerator to create a three-in-one cleaning solution! Save time, improve safety, and enhance client satisfaction.

For use with CO2 pots and recirculating pumps:

  • Add 1 oz Biomass Remover per gallon of water for standalone use.
  • Add 2 oz Biomass Remover, 2 oz Demineralizer, 2 oz Accelerator per gallon of water for the complete Power User Formula.
  • ONLY mix Vantage Synergy products with each other.
  • NEVER mix any other chemical products with Vantage Synergy products.


  • Use the three-part Synergy package and reduce cleaning time by up to 50%
  • Non-caustic, non-corrosive and non-hazardous
  • Triple zero health and safety rating
  • No DOT hazardous shipping charges for freight or parcel delivery
  • Improve personal and consumer safety, reduce property damage and injury liability claims
  • Built-in industry standard tracer dye
  • Biodegradable chemistry limits wastewater effluent concerns


Challenge: Not having enough time to perform industry standard cleaning cycles and visit enough accounts per day.
Solution: Use the three-part Synergy package and reduce cleaning time by up to 50%.

Challenge: Existing cleaning products are hazardous, dangerous, and corrosive.
Solution: Vantage Synergy chemicals are non-caustic, non-corrosive and non-hazardous. Switching to Synergy will improve personal and consumer safety, reduce property damage costs and mitigate injury liability claims.

Challenge: Built-in tracer dye as an industry standard safety feature.
Solution: Our “old” caustic and acid brands did not feature a tracer dye, Vantage Synergy does. Tracer dye indicates when cleaning solution is loaded into a system.

Challenge: Dangerous caustic and acid chemicals are not “green” products.
Solution: Vantage Synergy products are biodegradable and limit wastewater effluent contamination concerns.

Challenge: Hazardous shipping fees are expensive for freight and parcel delivery.
Solution: Vantage Synergy products are “triple zero” non-D.O.T. regulated for shipping.



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