Ultimate Yeast Harvester for Conical Fermenters - 2 in. T.C.


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A great way to harvest your fresh, clean yeast for re-use in your next batch! Our Yeast Harvester uses a full 2 inch sight glass, together with a 1.5 inch reducer at the top, to become the perfect vessel to capture yeast in.

The Ultimate Yeast Harvester is able to hold close to double the volume of our standard yeast harvester, this means your doing half as many dumps or able to harvest twice as much yeast!

 12" in length.

How it works:
Yeast naturally fall to the bottom of our conicals (which is one of the nice things about them). After 3-4 days into fermentation, dump your trub as usual and close the butterfly valve. Attach the Yeast Harvester to the valve and re-open the valve, which will flood the harvester with beer and some yeast. Over the final days of fermentation, the yeast will drop out of solution and collect in the sight glass, displacing the beer. At the end of fermentation, you will have a full container of creamy white yeast - perfect for pitching a huge quantity of free yeast into your next batch. Close your bottom valve and disconnect the Yeast Harvester and attach the pressure relief cap over the opening and seal with a tri-clamp. Always store in the refrigerator. Included relief valve prevents over pressurization.

Unit Holds 300ml. Max PSI: 6

In this video you see active fermentation. The yeast harvester was left on to observe the onset of fermentation and to easily collect the yeast once it settled out for re-pitching.

Below is a yeast slurry about seven days after pitching. As you can see the color is a nice white cream color. This is what you're looking for to re-pitch. This is the cleanest amount of yeast available before any trub, hopbreak, and dead yeast start to settle out.

Yeast Harvester Video from Olin Schultz on Vimeo.

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