Progress Hops (Pellets)

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Intended as a replacement for popular British Fuggle hops, Progress was released from Wye College in 1964. Mild flavor paired with strong aroma and a moderate bittering quality have evolved this hop from just aromatics to a dual purpose ingredient. Progress imparts a wonderfully earthy, grassy, floral aroma to a wide variety of beer styles, including English Ales. 

Progress hops have an alpha acid content of 6% to 7.5%, and its moderate bittering agent pairs well with the mild flavor and earthy aroma. You could also try Progress in Belgian Ales, IPAs, and more. Progress hops can be difficult to find, so don’t be afraid to sub-in East Kent Golding or Fuggle hops. Taste Progress in Macon Beer Company’s Macon Progress APA.

Product Specifications

Flavor and AromaFloral, Spicy, Earthy
Alpha AcidsAverage

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