True Citrus® | True Fruit Powders™ | True Watermelon® Powdered Flavoring | Made from Real Watermelon

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$10.99 to $186.49
  • Add bursting, fresh-squeezed flavor to all of your favorite beverages with ease!
  • True Fruit Powders™ captures the true essence of fruit—available year-round and doesn't require refrigeration
  • Unsweetened, non-GMO fruit flavoring. Made from simple, clean ingredients

True Citrus® offers authentic, fresh-tasting citrus & fruit ingredients for beers & seltzers. Delivering real flavor from real fruit in a shelf-stable, cost-effective, crystallized format, True Citrus will be your go-to solution for all your fruit flavor needs. Using their proprietary drying, crystallization and blending methods, True Citrus captures and locks-in the optimal blend of fruit juices, oils and essences. This allows their products to deliver authentic taste and aroma in a highly versatile, concentrated and simple-to-use, easy to store form.

All True Citrus products are made with simple and clean ingredients, including real citrus juices and oils, that give them their natural, fresh-squeezed taste. This flavoring ingredient contains ZERO artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives, and is gluten and sodium free and Non-GMO.

We recommend a starting dosage for beer & seltzer at 0.5% by weight which is 3-4 oz per 5 gallons or 18-24 oz per bbl. Add to taste for all beverages.

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