Tenco Pneumatic Bottle Corker | Benchtop Wine Bottle Corker | 400 Bottles/Hour

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  • Cork up to 400 bottles per hour with the StarCap pneumatic corking machine
  • Air-driven semi-automatic bottle corker makes the process efficient and effortless
  • Compatible with all natural, agglomerated, collated, and 1+1 agglomerated corks
  • Air pressure regulator with manometer allows for pressure adjustments depending on the cork being used
  • Made in Italy by Tenco

The StarCap semi-automatic bottle corker from Tenco provides excellent corking capacity for small wineries or avid home vintners. It is pneumatically driven so you will need an air compressor to operate the corking action. Wine corks are manually inserted into the cone then, by pressing the two start buttons, the cork is inserted into the bottle neck of the wine bottle by slightly compressing the cork. The StarCap machine guarantees perfect integrity, doesn’t create seems on the surface, and doesn’t affect the material in any way.


  • Capacity: 400 bottles/hour
  • Power: Compressed Air
  • Max Diameter: 25 mm
  • Max Height: 45 mm
  • Minimum Bottle Height: 200 mm
  • Max Bottle Height: 370 mm
  • Compatible Corks: Natural, agglomerated, collated, 1+1 agglomeration


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