Taprite D-Style Keg Coupler | Sanke Keg Beer Tap | PRV | Gas Barb Included


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Weight: 2LBS
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American D-Style Sanke Beer Tap (also called a Coupler) is the most popular tap in the USA. This is the default tap used by most American Craft breweries. Because it is intended to be used in a commercial environment, this heavy duty tap is built to withstand daily use. It features a lock down mechanism that gives solid click when engaged, and a built in pressure relief valve (50 p.s.I) for safety. Beer is dispensed out of the top port, the side port is for gas. Made in America by Taprite.

This item does not come with a tail piece, hex nut or gasket for dispensing beer out of the top port. These will need to be purchased separately.

Product Specifications

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