Tapcooler Nanocanner™ Can Holder Attachment for 202 End Cans


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The Tapcooler revolutionized counter pressure filling your bottles, and now they've done the same thing for cans! Introducing the Tapcooler Nanocanner™. If you already have a Tapcooler Bottle Filler, you can get started filling cans with this Nanocanner™ can attachment. Simply purchase this with the magnetic bracket mount, and you'll be on your way to canning the way the pros do.

Only works with standard 202 end cans! You will also need cans and a can sealer.
Nanocanner™ Swivel, Seal, and Hold Can Attachment
The Nanocanner™ features an easy to use can attachment that not only seals the can, but also holds it in place so you can fill hands free! Simply lift the can into the attachment until it hits the seal, then move the swivel lock from right to left and you're all set. Now you can start filling!
Additional Products to Get Started
The Nanocanner™ can attachment is designed to be mounted to something, and cannot be used by itself. We sell a magnetic bracket mount that works great, and can be setup on almost any magnetic surface, like your kegerator. You can also design and build your own mount, and use the 4 included screws that come with the can attachment.

You will also want to get the following items for the complete Nanocanner™ setup (assuming you already have the Tapcooler bottle filler):

  • Beer Valve Keg Connector
  • Ball Lock CO2 Adapter
  • Pressure Relief Valve Drain Tube


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