Super Transfer Variable Speed Diaphragm Pump (0-3 GPM)


Item #: 8124
Weight: 8LBS
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This is the ideal pump for using after fermentation.  Pump liquid between carboys and other containers with this Super Transfer Variable Speed Diaphragm Pump because this pump can pump gases as well as liquids, it requires absolutely no priming before use. Simply attach both inlet and outlet hoses in a bucket filled with sanitizer and run the pump, then transfer your beverage without risking contamination. This pump comes with a built-in pre-filter that extends the lifespan of the unit, as well as ½ inch barbed ports for easy connections and 6 inch tubing on either side. Because it’s heat tolerant and gentle on your beverage, the Super Transfer Variable Speed Diaphragm Pump is a great, unobtrusive addition to your process.

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