Sterile Siphon Starter - For 3, 5, 6, and 6.5 Gallon Carboy with smooth necks


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This is by far the easiest way to start a siphon!

To use the Sterile Siphon Starter - For 3, 5, 6, and 6.5 Gallon Carboy with smooth necks, simply blow into the sterile filter, which slightly pressurizes the carboy, causing beer to flow out. That's it. Siphon started! This size will also work for Better Bottles. To attach the Sterile Siphon starter to your carboy, push the orange or yellow carboy hood over the mouth of the carboy. Slide the stainless racking cane to just about the sediment level, and blow into the white, sanitary air filter for 2-3 seconds. Blowing through the filter forces beer out through the racking cane, starting the siphon. You don't need to worry about contamination from your mouth. The sanitary filter removes 99.98% of airborne bacteria. To remove any oxygen from the line during the siphon. pinch the clear, flexible tubing near the racking cane as you start the siphon. Release the pinch on the tubing after 1-2 seconds, while continuing to blow through for an additional second. This will cause the tubing to fill completely with beer, eliminating oxidation that can occur in siphoning when your line is not completely full and beer is mixing with oxygen. You can use this siphon on brew day to siphon sanitizing solution out of your carboy. While the sanitizer empties, the carboy fills with filtered air. Now you have a sanitized, bacteria free environment to fill your beer into. Nice!

Sterile Siphon Includes:

26 inch Stainless Racking Cane
Red Sediment Reduction Tip
Rubber Carboy Blow Off Hood w/White Caps (3, 5, 6, 6.5 Gallon smooth neck)
5' 3/8" ID Vinyl Tubing
Stainless Hose Clamp
Sterile Air Filter

About the White Sterile Filter: There are two sides to the filter - an "in" and an "out". The direction you use doesn't matter, just remember which way you first push air through it and always keep it that way. There is an arrow on the edge of the filter housing that we use to keep the airflow going one direction when using it. The filter should never get wet, so don't sanitize it by dunking it in sanitizer. If you want to clean the outside of it, use Alpet D2. To store the filter, use a little tinfoil on the "In" of the filter and store in a ziplock bag.


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