Stainless Steel US Sanke Keg - 5.16 gal.


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Supply your brewery with the best kegs on the market with these 5.16 gallon 1/6 Barrel US Sanke Kegs. Our kegs are produced and tested for quality in an ISO 9001 Certified facility, abiding by strict quality control standards. Each keg is constructed entirely of Stainless Steel, ensuring a long serving life for your brewery.

The sixth barrel keg, commonly referred to as a sixtel keg, is a great option for bars and restaurants that want to offer a variety of beers but don't have the space for multiple full size kegs. They're also a great option for kegerators, as two or three sixtels will fit inside depending on the model.

Holds 56 x 12 oz beers (42 x 16 oz pints).


  • 5.16 gal (1/6 bbl) US Sanke keg
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 23" Height, 9.25" Diameter
  • MicroMatic D System (U.S. Sankey) Spear


Product Specifications

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