Stainless Steel Electric Heating Element

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These heating elements are powerful and perfect to make use on your boiler. The element is made from 304 grade stainless steel.

Available in either 1600 watt 110 volt or 2200 watt 220 volt.

This element is a weld free design meaning that you can easily install it by simply drilling a hole in your pot/keg/boiler of approximately 32mm and tightening a nut from the outside of the pot. The diameter of the element at the widest point is 38mm so it is ideal if you need to pass the element through the neck of a keg to make a keg boiler.

The heating element requires a power cord which can be purchased separately (Electrical connection requires a computer power connection IEC320 C13 to your 110 or 220 v plug).

Use the 1.25" Hole Saw (38821to drill a hole for this product.


Kegland Part number: KL03513

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