Stainless - 1.5 in T.C. x 1 in Barb (Long)

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If you're a beermaker who focuses on maintaining a sanitary brewing setup, you will like the advantages of using tri-clover connects any place you need to attach tubing to equipment. They make a sanitary connection that is designed to be cleaned in place.They are easy to clean because there are no pockets or moving parts for bacteria to get stuck in. They make a very sturdy connection that won't leak. Each connection requires a gasket and a clamp.

Product Specifications:

Stainless Steel
1.5 in., 1 in.
Tri-Clamp Connection
Converts 1.5" Clover to 1" Barb for connecting 1" ID Tubing. 3.75" long stem.

If you don't need a long stem, check out our 1.5" long stem version H6730.

Product Specifications

Size1 in., 1.5 in.
MaterialStainless Steel