Speidel Plastic Storage - 500 l (132 gal)


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The future is here today, and the future is HDPE Fermentation & Storage Tanks from Speidel.

Are you tired of carboys? Hate siphoning to transfer? Wish you could ferment larger batches in a single container? Sick of lifting 50lbs by a small metal handle? Done with worrying about shattered glass, injury and lost product? Well then have we got the solution for you!

These rectangular heavy duty plastic tanks offer a fantastic fermentation & storage solution at a great price.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty HDPE construction is durable and resists oxygen transfer. None of the risks of working with glass.
  • Small footprint and rectangular shape makes them easy to store - take better advantage of the space you have to dedicate to wine & beer making.
  • Large lid opening makes them easy to clean by hand - say goodbye to your carboy brush!
  • All ports seal with gaskets and the vessel can be fully sealed for long-term storage.
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany by Speidel, the makers of our legendary commercial wine tanks
  • 500 L size has 2 racking ports, one equipped w/ a Spigot, one covered with a cap.
  • 46"L x 28"W x 43"H, 46.3 lbs

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