Speidel FermentEgg Plastic Fermenter | Stainless Steel Valves | 60L | 15.9 gal

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Speidel FermentEgg Plastic Fermenter | Stainless Steel Valves | 60L | 15.9 gal

Item #: 44531
Weight: 45LBS
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  • Traditional design meets modern technology and materials
  • Oval design allows for unhindered convection currents during fermenation
  • Supports constant circulation—eliminating hot spots and leading to faster fermentations
  • Smooth interior surface makes cleaning quick & easy
  • Made in Germany by Speidel 

The Fermentegg represents a new take on one of the oldest vessel shapes for winemaking. Oval vessels have been used to ferment and store wine for thousands of years, however Speidel's Fermentegg brings this concept to modern times with a lightweight yet heavy duty, food-safe polyethylene construction.

The egg shaped vessel results in convection currents during fermentation, unhindered by corners or edges. This movement results in your beer or wine constantly circulating, with an end result of a more complex, yet unified product. Fermentations will generally complete quicker due to the motion of the product, and hot spots will be eliminated as the product remains at a homogenous temperature. Can be used to ferment wine, beer or even cider!

Speidel has become known as a forward moving company in fermentation equipment and following in the foot steps of the Speidel Plastic Fermenter, the egg is very easy to clean because of it's smooth inside surface.


  • 60 l Capacity
  • Height: 79 cm
  • Width: 48 cm
  • 44 lb
  • Lid has a 38 mm hole which can be utilized for use with the Speidel Red Rubber Stopper and Airlock
  • 2 x 3/4" BSPP stainless steel ball valves Included


Please Note: these vessels are recommended for primary fermentation and short term aging only. They are not pressurizable and may experience oxygen ingress if used for long term storage or prolonged aging.


Product Specifications

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