Speidel Braumeister All in One Electric Brewing System - 10L/2.6G (110V)


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Speidel Braumeister PLUS - New 2021 Model

Never ceasing to improve upon the original Braumeister design, Speidel has taken this unit a step further with the new 5" touch screen control panel. The new automatic control system brews with your custom recipes and guides you through the brewing process. Now with integrated WiFi as standard, recipes and software updates can be synced automatically. Speidel Braumeister continues to be the all-in-one brewing system for brewers that demand the highest quality.

The Braumeister is the original all-in-one, electric all-grain brewing system. Designed and patented in Germany over a decade ago, it has since been copied around the world. Still made in Germany today by Speidel, a 5th generation German stainless steel manufacturer, the Braumeister is the Mercedes® of brewing systems. Speidel made a decision to not try and compete on price with the rest of the all-in-one machines that are made in China. They actually went the opposite direction improving upon the Braumeister many times. They've improved the control screen, added dimpled jackets to eliminate wort chillers, improved the programming and functionality, and created an online myspeidel.com control center along with multiple other small refinements. They also created a host of optional equipment to further enhance your brewing. If you appreciate really well-made equipment, the Braumeister is for you. It is the best of the best.

The welded on dimpled jacket eliminates the need for a separate wort chiller and also opens the door for using the Braumeister as a temperature controlled fermenter—see the video below. These jackets have 1" male threading, and aside from cooling, a Dump Valve tap has been added to the base of the unit to make emptying and cleaning that much easier.

Advantages of the Braumeister
First, the system has a small footprint and is powered by electricity, allowing you to brew inside, in a confined space, without the inherent dangers of using an open flame. Secondly, this unit is very easy to use as you mash the grain and then boil the wort in the same vessel. We also love the automation and control. Before you brew you set the controller with the different temperatures you wish to attain (advice is given on what to set) and the built-in heating element and pump do the rest. The Braumeister is especially ideal for step-mashing, which many brewers think is the preferred way to brew lager beers. Based on the results of lagers we have brewed on this machine, MoreBeer! agrees.

Walking Through the Brew Process
On Brew Day, you are going to assemble your Braumeister with the mash tub and bottom screen. You will fill the unit with filtered water to a notch on the center post - easy. The controller reads in °C or °F, and you can set it to different temperatures you wish to reach. Advice is given in the manual. When your water is the correct temperature, a beep alerts you to add grain. Stir in your grain, lock down the top screen (so now there is a screen on the bottom and the top) and start the mash. During the mash wort is constantly recirculated through the grain bed from the bottom up, reverse of most all-in-one systems. The liquid wort flows up through the mash and then cascades down between the mash tub and the outer wall of the Braumeister. There it is collected by the pump and pushed back through the mash. When the mash is complete, another beep will alert you to remove the entire mash tub, which sets on top of the Braumeister to drain for a period of time. At this point you can choose to rinse the mash with hot water or to just add water directly the wort. Push another button and the boil starts and will run for however long you program it. When the boil stops, begin chilling your wort.

Buy a Braumeister for the following reasons:

  • You want the highest quality all-in-one machine available
  • You want to brew "all-grain" inside your house
  • 5" touchscreen is easy to use and guides you through the brew process
  • Built-in cooling jacket eliminates the need for cumbersome wort chillers
  • 2R interior finish along with electrol polished heating coil is easy to clean

Technical Specifications for 10L Braumeister:

  • 110V - currently the only Braumeister model that comes with a standard US-style plug. No electrician or wiring needed!
  • Produces 23L of wort, which is about 20L of finished beer
  • Controllers can store up to ten recipes for easy repeat brewing!
  • 1,000-watt built-in heating capacity
  • 9-watt pump
  • 110V (protection at least 10 amp), 50-60Hz
  • Max Grain Capacity: 6.2 lbs
  • Max Fill Level: 12L (Upper Marking on Center Rod)
  • 19" H x 11.8" Ø
  • 22 lbs


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