Set of Replacement Filters for City Water BrewRO System


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Every 6 to 12 months the filters on the BrewRO System will be due for a change. Luckily the quick connect fittings make replacing filters fast and easy. This set comes with the 3 filters used in the City Water configuration of the BrewRO System -- 2 Carbon filters and 1 DI filter.

  • Carbon Filters: Replace every 6 - 12 months
  • Deionization Filter Media: Replace every 6 months

Tip: Use the Inline TDS Monitor (45516) to measure the total dissolved solids coming out of your BrewRO System and be certain of when it's time to change your filters.

Please note: this filter set is intended for the "City Water Configuration" as it includes the sediment filter and one carbon filter. For the "Well Water" filter set, see item 45518.

Only use HbrewO replacement filters on your BrewRO System, failure to do so can damage the system.

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