Saniclean - 32 oz Bottle


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A low-foam cleaner, great for pumps and bottle trees.

SaniClean is the low-foam version of Star San. Because it is low-foaming, it is the perfect cleaner to use with a pump or other applications where you're spraying the cleaner and don't want it to create extra foam. With a contact time of 2-3 minutes it is not as fast as Star San, but works as well. You also have to use twice as much, 2 oz per 5 gallons, for the same effect.

SaniClean is also known as an excellent flavor and odor remover, making it the perfect choice for acid rinsing your dispensing equipment. Made by the same company that makes Star San and PBW and packaged in the same easy to use container as the 32 oz Star San.

Product Specifications

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