Saint-Martin New Oak Barrel (French) - 110L (29gal) - Medium Long toast


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Do you have a world class wine that deserves a world class barrel? This is the best 30 Gallon French barrel we have used ... let us tell you why!

It starts with the oak... these smaller barrels are made from the same premium-quality French Oak used to produce all of the world class Saint Martin barrels. Tight grain and high in phenolic extractives that add body and texture to your wine.

The toast... fire toasted to a unique Medium Long toast that is between a medium and medium plus toasting level. If we took a 30 gallon barrel and a 60 gallon barrel and toasted them to identical levels you would find that the 30 gallon barrel had more toast impact on your wine. It many cases the medium plus level in a 30 gallon barrel is too much for most wines. The unique Medium Long toast is a great solution. The toasting fire is kept at a lower intensity but the barrel actually stays on the fire longer than a medium plus toasted barrel would. This results in very rich flavors that will taste very similar to wine aged in a 60 gallon Medium Plus toasted barrel. Your fruit is respected and not stepped on and you impart great structure and rich toast flavors... ideal? Yes!

Francois Saint-Martin, third generation cooper, crafts Bordeaux style barrels for winemakers throughout the world. His emphasis has always been a profound respect of the fruit notes in his low-impact and elegant barrels. Francois Saint-Martin personally inspects the wood in the forests of Vosges and Allier. As a traditional Bordeaux cooper, Francois Saint-Martin likes to find the tightest grain possible and blend the forest origins to combine their qualities. The barrel exteriors have been sanded to a smooth finish.


  • 24 month air-dried, 20mm thick split oak staves
  • Premium, blended Central France forest origins
  • Medium Long toast for lighter, longer barrel impact
  • Bung size approx. 1-10/16"
  • Includes solid silicone bung

Click here for a PDF of the MoreWine Manual on proper care and storage of oak barrels.

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