Sack Sweet Mead


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We use the term "sack" as a way of describing the high strength of alcohol in mead.

This mead kit features 18 pounds of honey. Estimated alcohol 18-20%. The yeast will die off leaving behind residual sugar. The honey flavor will dominate this style of mead highlighting the honey's natural flavor and aroma's.

Absolutely the perfect kit to make a fantastic, unique after dinner dessert beverage to share with your friends.

Dry Yeast Recommendation:

DV10: Strong and clean, stays true to original honey's flavours and aromas.
QA23: Aromatic / Floral, great bouquet (a bit more lean and focused than R2)
W15: Great aromatic profile (true to the honey source) and heavy mouthfeel.

Includes our simple, step-by-step two page instructions, which will teach you the basics of making mead. 

This kit does not include yeast. Please see our recommendations above.

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