Rolling Cart for Yeast Brinks/Top Up Kegs


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Weight: 59LBS
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The ideal companion for MoreBeer! Pro Yeast Brinks or MoreWine!® Cellar Keg! for barrel topping. This heavy-duty rolling cart is custom welded to fit stainless steel kegs and a gas cylinder. Easily push a full keg from barrel to barrel and top up as needed. Rather than caster wheels, this rolling cart features flat-free polyurethane foam wheels that provide excellent shock absorption and won't go flat if punctured. Perfect for rolling over uneven surfaces, and you can rest assured you won't damage the wheels if they come into contact with sharp edges or debris around your winery. Your tools are never out of reach thanks to the removable accessory tray located in front of the handle bar. The tray can be filled with sanitizing solution to hold clamps and other fittings before or after use.  Hooks on either side of the cart are perfect for coiled line, or hanging additional accessories you may need to complete your task.

  • Custom-welded stainless steel frame
  • Flat-free foam tires
  • Fits all full-diameter kegs
    • 50L Cellar Keg
    • 7.75- & 15.5-gal Yeast Brinks
    • 1/2 bbl Sanke & short 1/4 bbl Sanke
    • 1 bbl Fermentation Keg
  • Double-ring bracket for small Nitrogen or CO2 bottle
  • Handle bar allows for easily lifting the wheels over hoses



Product Specifications

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