Rolling Base for Speidel Braumeister Electric Brewery - 50 L


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With the rolling base for the 50L Braumeister, you can easily move the unit around your brewing area and lock it in place with the castor brakes. Do your brewing in one area, then wheel it over to where it's more convenient to clean without ever needing to pick the system up. There's plenty of clearance between the rolling base and the Braumeister, which allows you to open the pump for cleaning and dry it after brewing. A reservoir molded into the base will collect drips and splashes, and then you can position it near a drain to unplug and drain the reservoir.


  • Flexible costers with locking brakes
  • Perfect height for mashing, lautering, and cleaning
  • More clearance under the Braumeister for better access to the pump
  • For transferring the wort to the fermenter, we recommend the Wort Pump accessory
  • Drip pan function for catching boiled over wort or cleaning water
  • Molded-in reservoir for retaining water until you're near a drain
  • 3/4" female threaded outlet for mounting a valve if desired (not included)
  • Base is made and molded out of high-quality, easy-to-clean polyethylene
  • 15.11" H x 25.27" Ø


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