Ranco Digital Two-Stage Temperature Controller - Wired


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Now you can easily control two different temperature regulating devices. This all new, two-stage controller comes pre-wired with dual AC outlets. One outlet is controlled by one relay, the other by a second relay. The most common application is to use one stage to heat and the other to cool. This means you can simultaneously control a heater and a cooling device, never having to manually switch between heating and cooling modes.

The included sensor probe monitors the temperature while the digital readout displays it in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The sensor probe is 1/4 in diameter and works well with the Stopper or Coupler Thermowells. Temperature Range of -30 to 220F. 

Ranco base Model # ETC-112000-000. 
This controller has two sets of contacts the Normally Open contact is rated at:
  • 115 Volts 208/240 Volts
  • Full-Load Amps 16 Amps 8 Amps
  • Locked Rotor Amps 96 Amps 48 Amps
  • Ressistive Amps 15 Amps 8 Amps
  • Horsepower 1 hp 1 hp
The Normally Closed contact is rated at:
  • 115 Volts 208/240 Volts
  • Full-Load Amps 5.8 Amps 2.9 Amps
  • Locked Rotor Amps 34.8 Amps 17.4 Amps
  • Ressistive Amps 5.8 Amps 2.9 Amps
  • Horsepower 1/4 hp 1/4 hp

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