ProRestart Uvaferm 43 Encapsulated Wine Yeast - (83 g) & 1 mesh bag


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ProRestart and ProDessert contain yeast cells encapsulated within Alginate (natural polysaccharide extracted from seaweed) that are also acclimatized to alcohol and other harsh conditions. Unlike regular dry yeast, our encapsulated yeast are pre-conditioned to harsh conditions such as high sugars or high alcohol. They are a great choice for finishing stuck fermentations or fermenting dessert wines. To use, the beads are placed in a nylon bag and suspended in the ferment. The vast majority of the yeast stay trapped within the alginate beads. When they have completed their task, the bags are removed from the wine with few residual yeast cells from the culture being left behind. Though there may still be indigenous yeast present, use of the encapsulated yeast significantly reduces the amount of SO2, sorbate or tank chilling that are necessary to arrest fermentation. Sanitizable weights, such as stainless fittings or marbles, are placed in the bag to keep the bag submersed throughout the fermenation process. 83 Grams will treat 100L or 30 gallons of stuck wine.

Works quickly due to preconditioning and direct addition into a stuck or sluggish fermentation. This is much, much easier than traditional restart methods. Decreases spoilage risks due to its rapid fermentative activity and helps avoid excessive SO2 additions. Decreases risks related to color loss from oxidation. Preserves the flavor of the wine due to rapid sugar consumption without volatile acidity increase or other spoilage problems. Use 83g per 30 gallons. Culture can be transferred to next barrel after first barrel is finished. Comes with nylon mesh bag and full set of instructions.

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