Plastic PET Carboy - 6 Gallon Ported (Spigot Not Included)


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Weight: 14LBS
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6 gallon PET carboy fermenter for beer or wine. Made of BPA free PET, it will not affect the taste or smell of your product, and will not stain. The PET has a negligible oxygen permeability and so can be used for secondary fermentation. Easy to clean, there are no side-wall ribs to collect yeast or sediment. It is safe to reuse over and over.

Ported carboy fermentors have a hole 2 inches from the bottom so you can install a spigot. We recommend the 5/16 in barbed or 1/2 in barbed spigot . You will also need the spigot installation tool (FE311A) to secure the nut to the back of the spigot.

Usage tips: Use a #10 stopper with PET carboys. For cleaning it is recommended to only use a detergent solution and agitation, do not use a carboy brush as the bristles can scratch the PET.

Does not come with spigot.

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