Pipette Filler


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Safety Bulb pipette filler for use with solutions that should not be mouth pipetted. In general, it is best to use the filler with anything that is not a wine sample.

To Use: Squeeze filler and place on top of the pipette. Place the pipette in the solution, allowing the bulb to re-expand, drawing liquid into the pipette. Draw liquid up past the point in the pipette that you would like it filled to. Now, being careful not to draw up excess liquid or squeeze out what you have in the pipette, quickly remove the squeeze bulb and place your index finger tightly over the top of the pipette. Now by gently lifting your finger, you can allow the liquid to run out to the level that you're looking for.

**Tip:** Be careful not to draw your liquid up into the filler. Many chemicals that are used around the lab can degrade the filler and cause poor sealing, making the filler harder to use. A great way to get a feel for the tool is to practice for a little while with some water, until you can easily remove the filler and seal the pipette with your finger.

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