Zahm & Nagel CO² Piercing Device

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$1,145.00 to $1,375.00

The Zahm Model D.T. Piercing Device is used to test carbonated beverages for volumes of CO² gas in glass/PET bottles and cans. This instrument uses a dual scale pressure gauge (0-60 psi & 0-4.2kg/cm2) and an adjustable 2″ dial thermometer (25/125ºF & -5/55ºC). It is available in one and three liter sizes. The Series 6000 Piercing Device will provide rapid and accurate determination of gas volumes in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages when used with the two pressure/temperature charts furnished with the instrument.

Two sizes are available. One that can test vessels up to 1L in size, and the other that can test vessels up to 3L in size.


Product Specifications