Oxygen Tank (Steel) - 20 cu. ft.


Item #: 59380
Weight: 14LBS

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This is a refillable 20 CF O2 cylinder, good for about’ 500 batches of beer. The tank needs to be hydrotested every 10 years and is easily and affordably filled at any participating welding gas company.


  • Cylinder: 20 cu ft
  • Material: Steel Cylinder – Standard Valve
  • Capacity: 20 cu ft (566 Liters)
  • Service Pressure: 2015 PSI / 139 Bar  
  • Test Pressure: 3360 PSI
  • DOT- and TC- Approved
  • Valve Type: CGA540


  • Diameter: 5.2" (132 mm)
  • Height: 14.8" (376 mm)
  • Empty Weight: 14.1 lb



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