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Used – Refurbished
This unit is used. It has been restored to working order. It will have cosmetic defects and show signs of previous use.
The Brewie is something of a unicorn in the all-in-one brewing system world. The original manufacturer was forced to close down production, so these units are becoming harder and harder to find. Unfortunately, this means that they are no longer covered by a manufacturer's warranty and all sales are final. But there is a dedicated community of Brewie enthusiasts that banded together to provide open-source software updates, bug fixes, and general support to any and all Brewie owners. We highly recommend you visit rebrewie.org to see what the community has put together and how they've breathed new life into an awesome brewing system.

The Brewie is the world's first fully automated brewing machine. It can produce up to 20 liters of wort without any supervision. All you need to do is add the ingredients and start the recipe program. You will have chilled wort, ready to be pitched when the process is complete.  There is even a cleaning cycle you can run after you have pumped the wort into your sanitized fermenter!

Brewie Pad recipe kits will be available soon with all of the ingredients you'll need to make a great beer. The Brewie is also fully programmable so you aren't forced to use a Brewie Pad. If you want to get more creative the Brewie is capable of brewing anything from a high ABV IPA to a refreshing wheat beer.


  • Boiling, mashing, and hopping tanks are all stainless steel
  • Digital touch screen display to control all features
  • Monitor or control the progress of your brew day  from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop*
  • Built in weight sensors to ensure the exact amount of water is added
  • 4 individual hop tanks to allow for separate additions of hops during the boil, each with programmable times
  • The Brewie's tubing allows you to sparge automatically or manually
  • The built in cooler chills the wort before fermentation (connection to a water source is required)
  • 3 self-clean programs (quick, full & sanitize) take the work out of cleanup
  • Flexibility to use house water through the provided supply line or external water
  • Can handle grain bills of up to 17.5 lbs with a recommended water-to-grist ratio of 1.2 qts/lb


  • Power: 1800 W – runs on standard 120V, 20amp house circuit
  • Brewing Capacity: 2.64 – 5.28 gallons (10 ­– 20 L)
  • Max Capacity: 7 galllons (26.5 L)
  • Weight: 77 lbs (35 kg)
  • Dimensions: 29 in. x 13.3 in. x 18.4 in.

*App currently in development and expected to be released in July. Although the Brewie+ has been announced, the original unit will continue to receive software updates via WiFi and will be fully compatible with the mobile app.

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ConditionUsed - Refurbished

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