Oak Cube Infusion Tube (60 Gal Barrels)


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Integrate new oak flavor and structure into wine stored in a neutral barrel. A fantastic way to reduce the cost of buying new barrels with total control over the oaking process.

The Infusion Tube is both simple to use and versatile. During any stage of the winemaking process, it is inserted into the barrel with the same ease as it is later removed. The tube is placed through the bung hole of a neutral 60 gal. (225 l. Bordeaux or 228 l. Burgundy) size wine barrel.

Each new 8 oz load of Stavin Oak Cubes (the brand that we sell) has an effective extraction time of two-three months, providing 33 percent of new barrel extraction. Three loads offer 100 percent of a new barrel level. Thus, the winemaker exercises maximum control over the amount of oak integrated into the wine during fermentation, aging or prior to bottling. You can even mix the percentages of oak you use. For example you can try 60% French and 40% American oak in one barrel and compare against another barrel with 50% French and 50% American oak cubes.

To ensure an air-tight barrel seal, the Infusion Tube includes a top silicone bung. In addition, a bottom silicone bung permits convenient emptying and reloading of Oak Cubes.

High quality Cubes for loading the Infusion Tube are currently available in three year air-dried French, Hungarian and American oak. All Stavin cubes are fire toasted in the traditional method, a crucial stage in the processing of these cubes. These really are the highest quality oak cubes on the market. We have tested other, less expensive cubes and they are not even comparable.

Loading instructions: Remove the bottom silicone bung; fill the Infusion Tube with one bag of Cubes; replace the bottom bung firmly; insert the loaded Tube into the neutral barrel and secure the top bung tightly. Each new load should remain in the wine for a minimum of two months before removing to reload.

The tube accommodates 8 oz of Oak Cubes at a time. 24" L x 1 3/4"D with a 5" stem.

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