Nicaragua Mama Mina - Wet Process - Green Coffee Beans

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Red Catuai coffee beans from the Mama Mina Estate in Nicaragua are noticibly sweet with notes of cherry jam, dried fruit, and milk chocolate, and have a gorgeously round body in the cup.

Finca Mama Mina Estate is lovingly named after Mierisch family matriarch Minia McEwan. The farm's elevation runs from 1200 - 1350 meters above sea level, nestled in a deep forest and surrounded by mountain tops. Underneath the canopy the Mama Mina Estate predominantly grows Caturra and Catuai coffee beans. The beans are wet milled and dried on site using raised beds. Although still in it's adolesence, this estate is quickly making name for producing exquisite coffee.

Cupping notes: cherry jam, dried fruits, malt, milk chocolate.

Our Estate Series is composed of coffees sourced from famous coffee-growing estates that meticulously oversee and control every aspect of coffee cultivation and preparation for unparalleled quality and flavor. Try our estate series to get a crystal-clear idea of what coffee of the highest quality really tastes like!

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RegionCentral America