Mosaic® Brand HBC 369 Hops (Pellets)

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A product of Nugget and Simcoe® hops, American bred Mosiac® hops are one of the most in-demand aroma hops on the market. Released in 2012 by the Hop Breeding Company, Mosiac® presents a complex bouquet of earthy, pine, and fruit aromas from berry to mango.

Though Mosiac® does contain an alpha acid range between 11.5% and 13.5%, it is generally not used for bittering. The overall characteristics of Mosiac® hops make for a lovely addition in just about any beer style, though most commonly used in pale ales, IPAs, and stouts. Due to the high demand for this aromatic hop, you may need to substitute with parents Simcoe® or Nugget.  Taste Mosiac® for yourself in craft brews like Victory Brewing Co.’s DirtWolf Double IPA.

Mosaic® is a registered trademark owned by Yakima Chief Hops, LLC.

Product Specifications

Flavor and AromaFloral, Tropical, Fruity
Alpha AcidsAverage

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