MoreBeer! Pro Yeast Brink - 1 bbl


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Our yeast brinks give you a 1" passage to the bottom of a keg to make moving even the thickest yeasts a breeze. There is an adjustable PRV in case you need to lower the pressure for long term storage. The 4" TC welded to the top makes inspection and cleaning a breeze. The dip tube is about an inch off the bottom to help keep non-yeast solids that separate from your repitch.

1 bbl is perfect for up to a 20 bbl batch with most yeasts. Also available in 1/4 bbl size for up to 5 bbl batches and 1/2 bbl size for up to 10 bbl batches.

Pro tip: If you align one valve handle 90 degrees to the other you won't forget which side is IN or OUT. If you do forget, with the PRV on the back side, the left side is the IN and the right side is the OUT.

You may also want a keg cart.

This brink is the same diameter as a keg but twice the height.


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