KegLand MKII Magnetic Drive Pump | Center Inlet Pump Head | Stainless Steel | 13.5 GPM | 65 Watt


Item #: 45094
Weight: 11LBS
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Please note: the example images show an AU style 220V plug. This unit comes with a standard US 3-prong 110V plug. Updated images coming soon.

A more powerful version of our best-selling MKII pump. This magnetic drive pump has 65 watt power, ideal for large batch homebrewing and micro brewers. The pump head is made from 304 grade stainless steel with 3/4" threaded ports that can easily be converted to tri-clamp. Works like a March or a Chugger but with a sealed case that is more water resistant (not water proof). The pump head can be rotated in 60-degree increments, allowing for 6 different pump head orientations.

We recommend adding two 1.5" T.C. x 3/4" Female BSPP adapters to the ports. From there you can use a ForgeFit 1.5" T.C. x Male QD to use quick disconnects with your lines, or convert to your preferred tri-clamp fittings.


  • 110V / 60hz
  • Max Head: 15-21 ft.
  • Max Flow: 13.5 Gal/min
  • Max Temp: 248°F (120°C)
  • Rotatable 304 stainless steel pump head
  • 3/4" BSPT fittings
  • Water resistant casing

KegLand Part Number: KL05487

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