ManCan SS Mini-Keg Growler - 128 oz

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You arrive at a friends house for the game and pull a keg out of your backpack. Everyone's jaw drops. They knew you were cool because you made your own beer but they weren't expecting a kegger party in a bag. The Pièce de résistance is that it is filled with your latest killer IPA, or something else incredible that you made. This isn't the domestic golden swill slammed at the kegger party of your youth. This is your liquid art served from what is undoubtedly the coolest growler on the planet. You've just redefined a grown up, sophisticated kegger party. Congrats, you can go back to your next highschool reunion with confidence and swagger... you've made it!

Holds a Full Gallon (3.785 L) of beer and is made from stainless steel. Gasketed screw top lid seals tight. Won't break like glass might. Use our Faucet Growler Filler attachment (see below) for a foam-free fill!

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