Carapils Malt - Briess Malting

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Great for adding body and head retention.

1.7 L Briess Malting Carapils Malt has a light color and neutral flavor. It adds body, mouthfeel, and improves head retention in your homemade beer without affecting the flavor. Usually used at a level of 5% or less of your total all-grain malt bill. It can be used at a higher rate to make specialty beer like a Session IPA.. Carapils belongs to a category of malts labeled as Dextrine, sometimes Dextrin, malts. Dextrine malts are often used to stimulate higher gravity in beer.

If steeped it in an extract batch you will only get about 20% utilization of this malt into your beer. If you choose to use dextrin powder in place of this malt, keep in mind that the powder lacks the complexity of the actual malt.

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