Odyssey Whiskey Malt - Briess Malting

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1.9 °L - Briess Briess Malting - Odyssey Whiskey Malt is sweet and bready with notes of honey. This malt is a single varietal base malt that can be used for all beer styles and single malt whiskey. It has a traditional European malt profile, with moderate enzyme activity, high level of fermentability, and high PSY value. It is ideally suited for single malt whiskey, but is also perfect for Pilsners and light lagers.

Usage Levels / Beer Styles

  • Up to 100%: Delivers complex malty & grainy flavors for beer or spirits
  • 60-90%: Use with a variety of specialty malts to create complex and unique flavors in ales or malt whiskey
  • 40% or more: Convert adjuncts such as raw corn, rye, and wheat for light lagers and specialty whiskey
Typical Analysis:
  • Moisture - 4.5%
  • Color - 1.9° Lovibond
  • Protein - 11.1%
  • Diastatic Power - 100


Product Specifications