Liquor Quik Essence - Irish Cream - 20 mL


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"Irish Cream Liqueur" is a blend of Irish Whisky, cream and chocolate.
20 mL (0.65 fl. oz.)

Instructions: Pour the contents of this bottle and 7/8 cup (200 g) of granulated sugar into a 40 fl. oz. (1.2 L) bottle. Fill with 26.5 fl. oz. (750 ml) of 18-20% ABV grain alcohol, neutral vodka or clarified LQ™ SuperYeast™/Turbo Yeast. Shake until the sugar has completely dissolved. Before serving, mix a small can of unsweetened condensed whole milk (6 fl. oz. / 170 ml) into the Irish Cream. Refrigerate any unused liqueur and shake well before serving.

Makes approximately 36 fl. oz. (1.06 L).

Ingredients: Natural extracts, essential oils, propylene glycol and caramel color.

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