Liquid Chalk Markers


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This Set of 12 Mini Liquid Chalk Markers utilize water-based pigment ink so you can mark on windows, glass, mirrors, plastic and metal surfaces with ease. The ink won’t wash off in the rain, yet is easy to remove with a damp cloth. For permanent application the markers can also be used on chalkboards for a bold statement.

If using the Chalkboard Tap Handle, we recommend using these chalk pens on the back of the tap handle rather than the chalkboard insert. The chalkboard insert is porous and will let the ink set in, whereas the back of the tap handle is smooth and will wipe clean more easily.

  • Each marker has a 1.5 mm bullet tip
  • The markers are ideal for signage and can be used indoor and outdoor
  • The ink is made using a water-based formula and each color is vibrant and opaque
  • This marker contains white colored ink
  • The ink is removable on non-porous surfaces

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