KupzitĀ® Hydrogen Sulfide Remover

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Kupzit® is an innovative copper citrate preparation developed for the elimination of sulfide off-flavors, particularly hydrogen sulfide odors in wine and fruit wine. Kupzit® contains 2 % copper citrate. For easy dosage and handling, it is coated onto a mineral carrier material, a particularly pure, high-quality granulated bentonite.  

Kupzit® reacts within minutes with sulphur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. These compounds bind with Kupzit and then settle out to the bottom.

Dosage and Application:
Trials are absolutely recommended. Generally, the dosage amount is 5-20 g/100 L or .05-.2 g/L. Exceptionally bad cases may require up to twice as much.  

See the attached Manufacturer's instructions for further details along with information on dosage and storage.  

Product Specifications